About the Challenge

The Education Minister’s Running Challenge is a health fitness program introduced to promote physical activities and wellbeing among children. The program ran for 6 weeks from 7 August 2023 to 23 September 2023. The program aimed to:

  • Encourage students to run regularly and develop a love for physical exercise
  • Improve overall health and fitness levels in children

Benefits of the Challenge

The challenge will:

  • raised awareness about the importance of physical activity and its positive impact on health
  • encouraged students to enjoy running and engage in regular exercise
  • boosted self-confidence, fostered a sense of accomplishment, and promoted school unity
  • motivated students to participate and challenge themselves physically
  • increased parental involvement in their child's physical activities
  • contributed to improved fitness levels and overall wellbeing.

By participating in the Education Minister's Running Challenge, students experienced the joy of running and fitness as well as the numerous benefits associated with an active lifestyle.

The challenge is finished for this year, but a love of fitness can be lifelong. Continue to lace up your running shoes, set your goals, and hit that track!



Running Ability

The Education Minister's Running Challenge was open to all students, regardless of running ability. We know everyone has different levels of fitness and we encouraged participants to challenge themselves based on their own abilities. 

For any physical activity, it's important to find a pace that suits you. Whether you prefer a brisk jog, a leisurely run or even a power walk, every step contributes to your progress and overall health.

Although the challenge is over for 2023, we encourage you to continue running.

It's all about personal growth and embracing an active lifestyle.



Children with disabilities

The Education Minister's Running Challenge was open to every primary and secondary school student in WA. We believe fitness is for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

 Whether you prefer running, walking, or engaging in other forms of exercise, such as wheelchair workouts or general fitness routines, we encourage you to participate and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Let's come together and make fitness a fun and inclusive experience for all!



Promote the Challenge

Download Challenge materials to promote the Education Minister's Running Challenge.




For support please contact us at websitesupport@ministersrunningchallenge.wa.gov.au