Thank you for participating in this year’s Education Minister’s Running Challenge!

We hope you embraced the thrill of running and embarked on an exciting fitness journey. Participants who logged activities over the challenge received free entry for the Burswood Park 4 km Dash as part of the 2023 Perth Running Festival. The Perth Running Festival is on October 8 at Optus Stadium in Perth.


Your Challenge

In your account, you will have access to the 2023 Education Minister's Running Challenge, where you can:

  • Log your runs, including short runs designated for the challenge, and additional runs of any duration.
  • Track your progress and see how far you've come in the challenge.

To complete the challenge, make sure you’ve logged your fitness activities from 7 August to 23 September 2023. Primary school children were required to complete 15 minutes per week. Secondary school students were required to complete two 20-minute sessions per week.

Any form of physical activity counted! Whether you ran, jogged, power walked or did alternative exercises like wheelchair workouts, you could log them all for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

We hope you continue to lace up your shoes, conquer new distances and experience the joy of running. Let's make every stride count!



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