Parents and Carers

Thank you for your participation in this year’s Education Minister’s Running Challenge. We hope your child had an incredible 6-week journey of fitness and achievement in the challenge!

Children from Kindergarten to Year 12 took part in the Education Minister’s Running Challenge. Over 6 weeks from 7 August to 23 September 2023, students participated in various running activities to enhance their fitness journey.


Every child who logged activities throughout the challenge received entry into the Perth Running Festival 4 km dash on October 8 at Optus Stadium in Perth. It's an opportunity for your child to be recognised for their dedication and accomplishments in the Education Minister's Running Challenge.

We encourage participants to explore running resources available through local running clubs, fitness apps and online platforms.  



Support a younger child in their running journey

You play a vital role in helping your child develop a love for running and physical exercise. Here are some tips.

  1. Encourage your child to choose their preferred physical activities. Let them explore different types of exercises and find what brings them joy. It's okay if they prefer the same activity every week. It doesn't matter if it's challenging or not as exciting as they expected – it's all about the experience of staying active together.
  2. Engage in the running experience together. Talk about what your child did and didn’t enjoy about their physical activities. Ask them about their progress, how they feel after running or their favourite running routes. Share your own thoughts and experiences as well.
  3. Establish or continue a regular exercise routine, where a dedicated time slot is reserved for physical activity. Find a suitable and quiet space for this purpose.
  4. Be a role model by engaging in different physical activities beyond running, such as yoga, cycling, or even dancing. Talk about your own fitness journey and what you do to stay active.
  5. Encourage your child to explore a variety of exercises – introduce them to sports, yoga poses, dance routines or even short workout videos. Help them understand there are countless ways to move their bodies and have fun while staying fit.
  6. Consider joining local fitness clubs or community programs that promote physical activities and provide opportunities for children to engage with peers who share similar interests.
  7. Arrange an informal exercise swap with family and friends, where children can try out different activities together and share their experiences.

By following these tips, you can help inspire and support your child in their running, fostering a lifelong love for physical exercise and wellbeing. Let's join forces and make running a fun and rewarding journey for the whole family!



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