Schools and Teachers

Thanks for helping your students embrace the Education Minister’s Running Challenge.

The challenge was open to primary and secondary school students, with different activity requirements based on their year level. Primary school students were encouraged to engage in a minimum of 15 minutes of physical exercise or running per week. Secondary school students were encouraged to complete 2 sessions of 20 minutes each per week. By meeting these requirements, students were eligible for a chance to win fantastic prizes.


Students who logged activities for the challenge received free entry for the Burswood Park 4 km Dash as part of the 2023 Perth Running Festival.

The Perth Running Festival is on October 8 at Optus Stadium in Perth.

Although the challenge is over for 2023, we encourage students to continue with any physical fitness activity that suits their preferences and capabilities.

Now, more than ever, physical activity and running can transport, transform and inspire students to explore fitness and wellbeing.



Encourage students to engage in running

Parents, guardians, teachers, education assistants, siblings, running buddies and classmates can all encourage students to develop a love for running. Here are some tips to help with this:

  1. Make time for running each day – ensure this time is enjoyable and filled with excitement.
  2. Suggest different running routes, challenges, or themes that may interest your students.
  3. Share personal running experiences and stories to inspire and motivate them.
  4. Encourage students to recommend running activities to others in class, fostering a supportive and inclusive running community.
  5. For students with diverse backgrounds, encourage them to explore running activities that align with their cultural heritage or interests.

By following these tips, we can ignite a passion for running in students, helping them discover the joy and benefits of an active lifestyle. Let's inspire them to embrace running as a fun and rewarding experience!



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